22nd Apr 2020

Digital exhibition launched for revised leisure plans at Northern Gateway, Colchester


Ahead of submitting a planning application to Colchester Borough Council, Turnstone Estates has launched a digital consultation to show revised plans for its state-of-the-art leisure development at the Northern Gateway site, Colchester. Originally granted planning permission for a development at the site in 2018, Turnstone is seeking some modifications that, following discussions with planned occupiers, will improve the offer for visitors. When completed, it is proposed that the Northern Gateway site will now provide:

- A 12-screen cinema with Superscreen and 4DX;

- 7 restaurant units;

- 3- Active leisure units, including indoor golf and bowling;

- 2 drive-thru restaurants

- A 90-bed hotel; and

- Dedicated electric car rapid charging spaces.

Recognising that the current situation makes traditional, face-to-face consultation impossible Turnstone Estates is undertaking a digital consultation at the following web address:

As well as asking local Councillors and other community groups to disseminate the web address, Turnstone will be promoting the exhibition on social media, using targeted advertising.

Chris Goldsmith, Managing Director of Turnstone Estates, said: ‘Our revised plans for the Northern Gateway are relatively modest but will help to deliver an even more exciting, state-of-the-art leisure development for Colchester. ‘The changes proposed follow from conversations with future occupiers and will ensure that we are providing space that works for them and delivers the best possible experience for visitors. ‘Whilst we would love to show people the plans at exhibitions. our digital consultation will enable people to comment on the proposed changes before we submit a planning application to Colchester Borough Council.’

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